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A busy shopping escapade over the weekend started like any other errand. Until I took a moment to glance up at a couple of giggling kids by the home section. A girl about five years old was running up to her mom gleefully shouting for her attention. She then broke into the opening line of the famous title song of “Beauty and the Beast” and was twirling around with a 3 foot candlestick candelabra that was indeed taller than she. “Look mom, it’s Lumière!” Customers around me couldn’t help but crack a smile, how could you not? Before I knew it, I reflected back to a time in my childhood where I soaked in all the playful magic of Disney and everyday objects aided as props to storytelling.

Take a moment to be present and soak in the joy from others around you. That text, email, call distraction can usually wait.

You never know what you’ll find that inspires you to bring a moment of play into your day.

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