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Soothing Summer

We're in the midst of this season of summer, or in Ayurvedic Medicine, pitta. This fiery season can make us more agitated, bring on fatigue and a feeling overcome with heat.

How to seek coolness?

Ice cream! Okay perhaps not the only way to promote coolness to the body, but certainly a delightful treat.

I've incorporated a morning meditation into the start of my day to have a moment of grounding to breathe. Starting your day with breath to lengthen the inhales and exhales can be a wonderful way to awaken into a new day. After a shower, I incorporate abhyanga (a self massage with oil) using coconut oil (which has cool principles to it). Before I step outside, I treat myself to a dash of peppermint/orange oil into a carrier oil and rub on the bottoms of my feet. An invigorating sensation that is immediately felt! On my walk to work, I sip chilled peppermint tea to invoke more cooling principles to my self. I try to listen to my body to see what physical activity(ies) will best serve me and modify as-needed. Sometimes the rigorous bootcamp, circuit, and hot yoga offerings are too much in the pitta season. Knowing we can modify and listen to what we need, is what will bring us balance.

Ending the day with a cool diy herbal iced tea (I made mine infused with lavender and tulsi) and legs up-the-wall (in an inverted L-shape), can be a nice way to promote coolness to the physical body.

I hope this inspires to soothe these summer months!

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