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My name is Lisette and I’m passionate about yoga and wellness. I began my yoga practice 10 years ago and have never looked back.

Merging my dance background and incorporating a new sense of flow into my life felt like a seamless transition. I was curious to learn more after my first basic vinyasa class offered on my college campus. Since then I’ve tried many styles of yoga, landing on my favorite style to specialize, participate in a 200hr teacher training and share through the joy of teaching. Prana vinyasa flow is the style that fits my essence including a juicy flow class centered around 3-part vinyasa and wave sequencing.

My goal for this blog is to write semi-monthly blog posts as I roll into 2018. A rather audacious goal for the new year! Having a long-term samskara, or habit, that benefits us can help soothe the soul. I have always loved to write and blogging is something I dabbled with early in my career. Am seeking to share ways that I find joy.

I hope this blog will help to reignite your spanda. #yoga #firstpost #newyeargoals

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